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Arkam is a blogger, volunteer reporter, and pageant enthusiast. Arkam Suprapto born in Jakarta on September 20th 1996 with Javanese-Ternate and Iraqi-Chinese descent. Arkam grew as the only child in the family. Arkam loves travelling, watching movies, reading, writing, photography, and listening to the music. He speaks in Bahasa Indonesia, English, French, and a little bit Spanish. Arkam graduated from Amaryllis Islamic School on 2007,  258 primary school on 2011, and 58 secondary school in 2014. Arkam works as a junior volunteer reporter in Indonesian Pageants and currently a student of Communication in Paramadina University, Jakarta. His interest in photography and pageant brings him to his job as a reporter in Indonesian Pageants, Arkam also recently work as a TV presenter in Mivo Online TV. Arkam is well known as an active, funny, talkative, and friendly person. 

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Arkam Suprapto

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